Help you achieve an exclusive high-class look for swimming pool

Glass Mosaics have had a very important part in the design and beauty of building throughout the ages of humanity. With the invention of new forms of construction and structure, Mosaics are now, more than ever, an utmost decorative and efficient element making the work more finish and fascination in most of the projects….

At The Swimming pool construction and Tile Company we are justifiably satisfied with our assortment of our swimming pool glass mosaic tile. From the easy and traditional through to the unashamedly magnificent, we have it all swimming pool tile. Our assortment of swimming pool glass tile includes the amazing variety combinations and easy glass mosaics for where a budget has to be met.

Our swimming pool mosaics are available in so many different colors and designs the swimming pool owner or designer has the opportunity in creating a truly exclusive and stylish design that’s looks simply beautiful with the power of a very practical anti slip finish.

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We take the pleasure of comprising India’s culture of glass variety tile. We are one of the leading producer & exporter of glass mosaic items in India. We are devoted to total customer support.

Our devoted staff and high quality auditors take care of the finish manufacturing of merchandise, even the raw material procured at the early stages are examined on the grounds of high quality.

If you want for making your swimming pool construction exclusive you can create the atmosphere of ultimate high-class with our glass swimming pool tile. We often custom create tile for clients who want to duplicate the pool tile of their favorite holiday hotel. Our goal is to help you achieve an exclusive high-class look. We are one of the biggest merchants of glass pool tile appropriate for completely submersible use.

Pool tiles manufacturer in Pune is one of the biggest sellers of top high quality swimming pool tile and mosaics appropriate for washrooms.

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Maintain the high top quality of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic design differs from the others. Its flexibility with utility and appearance makes it exciting. Moreover they incorporate durability with long term elegance. We have been used substantially for external facades, swimming pools, washrooms, subterranean parking, subways and decorations.

A wonderful swimming pool in attractive colour, shape and style can enhance the attractiveness of a house. Glass mosaic plays a part in developing exclusive, wonderful, and functional pool style.

We, at Element Mosaic, assist our clients in giving exclusive identity to each & every project. We have a dedicated innovative department which manages all innovative needs. We not only take good proper creativeness but also ensure the best performance of designs & timely distribution of the material.

Mosaic Tiles Manufacturer in Pune

In today’s fast paced globe, it is important to fulfill the work deadlines. We are one of the brand known for its rapid distribution, whether it is an example requirement or performance of an order. Though mosaic being a personalized item, we still manage to fulfill work deadlines because of our commitment to serve the client on time. Be it bathroom or swimming pool area or water fall, our turquoise variety of colors in various completes help you in converting your wonderful ideas into reality.

We believe that we have a long way to go to explore the mosaic & its endless innovative possibilities. Let us make the globe wonderful with Element mosaic…..

You will be ruined for style choice with our wonderful and Glass mosaic tiles, ideal for developing an original and stylish finish in your home.

Our Mosaic Tiles feature a variety of designs and completes so you’re sure to find something to supplement your interior style. Our team of professionals is working constantly in the direction to maintain the high top quality of Glass Mosaic Tiles.

Mosaic Tiles Manufacturer in Pune is strongly considers that the Quality is like Life line for any products or services.

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Best Pool tiles manufacturer at Element Mosaic Pune

We are extremely pleased of the fact that Element Mosaic provides an extensive range on mosaic designs, Dimensions, designs, paintings, boundaries, and designers, advisor companies, etc….

The application of mosaics is endless for both external and interior use: developing, homes, water bodies, chapels and companies our glass mosaic tiles varies to a mosaic of designs and sizes in rectangle Sequence… Our Mosaic is rich in design, brilliant in color, and delightful in structure. We hold a unique advantage of being the innovator in the market.

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Develop through Inspired Workers, a fast growing, multi-business, Quality Company that continually provides items and services of the biggest Requirements with a significant existence in the worldwide attractive developing material market.

We believe: That the customer is the primary focus of the company. In creating an environment, which likes you for produces and nourishes each individual Worker. In leading by example and in continually, exercising what is proclaimed. In natural group interaction, a free flow of ideas, common regard and trust at all levels. We have a duty towards the community in which we function. The New Trend-Glass mosaic tile is not just for waterlines any longer……

Glass Mosaics Tiles have had a very important part in the design and beauty of making throughout the ages of humanity. With the invention of new types of development and structure, Mosaics are now, more than ever, a maximum attractive and efficient element making the work more finish and fascination in most of the tasks…. One of our main concentrates is the publishing and circulating of swimming pool tile and related items.

Pool tiles manufacturer in Pune is provide all types of tiles for swimming pool like Crystal tiles, Borders, Repeated Pattern, Glass Mosaic Murals, Glass Mosaics, etc.

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Provide best color reliability and durable of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Element Mosaic is focused on manufacturing and exporting the largest Mosaic of top great quality mosaic tiles in India. We have a Mosaic of components, shades, complete and use to meet all you possible needs. Our Mosaic of merchandise includes (but not limited) glass mosaic. Our headquarters is located in Pune city, as well as our manufacturer.

The company is recruited among the trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers of Glass Mosaic Tiles from Pune. We offer the Glass Mosaic Tiles in numerous shades with top great quality. The entire Mosaic of the Glass Mosaic Tiles is produced in sticking with set industrial norms.

We have a qualified examination group which engaged into the examination during every weblink of manufacturing and product packaging at the manufacturer. In each phase we have examination and data report, such as recyclables selecting, processing, designs outcome, semi-finished items, samples, last items, product packaging etc. Every phase of QC ensures that our goods are of a continually top great quality which is of particular importance in Mosaic’s culture.

Swimming pools tiles design

Finally, most of the staff at our main group has over 10 years’ experiences in tiles and glass mosaic industry, such as style, examination, sales, marketing etc. We have progressively won the reputation worldwide by top great quality standard, huge discounts and unparalleled services. We’ll continue to devote ourselves in developing and searching for mosaic tiles and bring extremely great quality to our customers. We are professional and we are on the way!

We’d like to take our mosaic tiles great quality to the next level. Therefore, all our mosaic tiles are produced according to our requirements to provide best color reliability and durable.

Swimming pools tiles design at Pune have a tight great quality system from examination of recyclables, every weblink in manufacturing, until the last items examination, to guarantee our mosaics and mosaics tiles to be delivered with topnotch great quality.

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Highly believe that our effective and customer focused services

We rely on our highly effective and advanced production units as well as our organization of experts. We make every possible effort in order to meet the clients’ requirements with respect to their requirements. We are also recognized as the companies of swimming pool turnkey project, tiles fixing Solutions etc. We work in synchronization with our clients to offer them with the items that are in line with their business goals and that the items are as per their goals. We highly believe that our effective and customer focused services have started out the gateways for us to extensive identification.

Ours is a top quality motivated organization and we are dedicated to offer top quality items to our clients. We follow a total top quality management policy and never bargain on top quality mind-set. Our attempts are instructed towards satisfaction of the requirements obtained from the client. The items are examined on the factors of strength and strength, and stress is set on the minimization of the waste consequently leading to an effective production. Glass Mosaic Tiles are widely used in swimming pools, interior and exterior etc. We are able to handle even most purchases of buyers as we maintain a huge inventory of Glass Mosaic Tiles in our huge manufacturer.

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With the aim to meet the goals of our useful clients, we are involved in providing swimming pool tiles in India.

Our organization is a well-known Mosaic tiles in Maharashtra. We are supported by an organization of designers & organizers that generate developing ideas paying attention to the lifestyle of clients. We guarantee you to bring forth an uplifting combination of fashionable and visual value.Our collection is shown at our Factory. Come visit us to see, touch and feel magic on the surfaces.

We would be happy to receive your useful existence here and our staff is always prepared at your service:


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Long term quality relations with clients

Element Mosaic is Indian based a glass mosaic production and dispatching company dealing in Glass mosaic tiles. Our company is well-known for its progressive achievements. Located in Pune, we deal with superior mosaic while providing customers with personalized, detailed attention in selecting the right material for their projects.

Why Us

We are one-stop resource for the most exclusive selection of mosaic tiles including Glass mosaic tiles from India. Clients come first for us and we provide best items at the most huge discounts in market.

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Our group has a practical encounter with over 15+ years in the glass mosaic industry. We provide a wide variety of options in glass mosaic tiles, crystal mosaic, adhesive and grouts. Our direct and good relationships with several quarries capacitate us to resource an extensive variety of product folio.

Our exquisite variety of glass mosaic tiles is available in finest top quality as well as in exclusive styles. With our recognized designs, vibrant colors, impeccable finish and optimal costs, our items provide true value to client’s cash and cater to their aesthetic tastes.


Team at Element Mosaic is prides itself with professionalism and knowledge every aspect business. It is our commitment to top quality, service, and innovation that sets us apart from other mosaic tiles distributors.

Our skills and encounter make us efficient in glass mosaic production, finishing and packaging.


Mosaic tiles in Maharashtra is provide mosaic such as random mix, and crystal mosaic tiles. We try to provide best value of client’s cash. We have long lasting top quality relations with customers so we can control cost and top quality. Our encounter, creativity, performance and skills make us most preferred swimming pool tiles solution providers.

Responsibly producing quality glass mosaic tiles at Element Mosaic

Random Mix Tiles in Pune.pngWe are entirely focused on production the very best and affordable glass mosaic tiles.

  • We are dedicated to developing and production the best mosaic tiles from our leading our manufacturer, to be the market and product leader.
  • To keep offer unique service and remarkable value for money to our growing client base.
  • To offer a maintainable upcoming for our skilled employees.

Element Mosaic amorously considers in the people who have designed this successful company. We should all be satisfied with the remarkable company we have designed and remember the core principles this has been designed upon:

Innovative – We surpass objectives through our creativeness, from design and production to providing brilliant client alternatives through products and commercial advancement.

Brave – Let’s keep be fearless. To drive improvement and advancement, to keep challenging and allowing ourselves to be pushed. We’re not the ‘norm’ and never will be. We believe in providing modern alternatives for our people to ensure the maintainable way forward for our company and shared community.

Collaborative – We have worked hard to create our product and have designed our upcoming collaboratively together, continuing to move forward without fear of a changing world. This takes commitment, commitment and respect, principles we are extremely pleased to be associated with.

Proud – We’re extremely pleased to be a mosaic tiles manufacturer, assisting workmanship and sensibly producing top quality Glass mosaic tiles to the Indian and to also trade worldwide.

For long lasting development, Random Mix Tiles in Pune set up an example production line too. We want to specially support our anyone else to create new styles and create our own styles too. Our manufacturer manager is quite skilled in developing.

The result is a comprehensive and good range of tiles, designed to inspire!